Asha supports asylum seekers to live in safety and with dignity. We promote the social integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

If you wish to offer your support to asylum seekers or think you can benefit from our services, please get in touch or come and find us at The Asha Centre, Unit 7, Cooper Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 4DW.

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Asha is proud to be a partner of Sporting Communities, whose strapline is: Working with communities to learn how to serve them best. For more information about Sporting Communities, click here.

Charity Commission number: 1176934 | Company number: CE013097

A new teacher’s account of her first class 10 February 2020

(Men predominate in the English classes and this sidesteps learning around those things likely to matter most to women, hence a ‘women only’ group to be tutored by a young Muslim mother!)  The tutor began with two women from Sudan and one from Morocco. Reporting on her first session, she commented “The students seemed very

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Time To Talk Day 06/02/2020

Time to Talk Day is a national event taking place in work places, schools, community settings and homes.  Its a chance for us to talk about mental health and encourage friends, colleagues, neighbours and families to do the same. At Asha we had a wellbeing awareness day.  Around 30 Asha members took part having conversations

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Stoke Sings at the Victoria Hall 25 January 2020

Prompted by Penny and gathered together by Jackie, twelve Asha users attended  joyful performances from a superb selection of Choirs from in and around Stoke-on-Trent. “We should be on the stage next year” commented one user!  Who would disagree? Singing is good for the soul and a welcome respite from the constrained everyday life of

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New Vic Theatre 24 January 2020

Accompanied by Ryn and Jackie and with free tickets and a 70-seater coach paid for by Faz Shah, a musician performing at the New Vic, a medley of Asha children and parents, adult users and volunteers enjoyed a morning performance of ‘The Prince and the Pauper.’  A volunteer who attended with a couple seeking asylum

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Litter picking around the Mosque 13 January 2020

Marshalled by Tamba, seven Asha users trooped down the road to tidy-up around the Mosque and Stepping Stones.  This was by way of a thank-you to the Mosque for their support and a reciprocal gesture to Stepping Stones who hosted a solidarity event attended by Asha users shortly before Christmas. The wind was getting up

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Asha’s drummers set St Giles alight! 12 January 2020

Asha is grateful to the Rector of Newcastle’s Civic Church for inviting Asha to introduce a new dimension to their monthly family service which starred our drummers. Interspersed with hymns and Bible reading, the congregation heard the story of two asylum seekers, one of whom achieved refugee status and is completing his third year at

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