Women and children’s Club – Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm.

It is important that asylum seekers have opportunities to take part in activities to lessen their social isolation. Living in scattered neighbourhoods and in an unfamiliar environment, often having only rudimentary English parents with children can become damagingly isolated.

Asha runs Saturday clubs for women and for children’s club. These are facilitated by local volunteers and by users with the confidence and ability to step into the role of co-helper.

The clubs are popular and we are always on the lookout for local volunteers to give both groups greater consistency and support. We appreciate all our volunteers valuable contributions as we understand that the increasing pressures of everyday life mean that most people have more than enough to do, however anyone volunteering with Asha will be making a huge difference to many people’s lives. We are also working hard to train asylum seekers and refugees as volunteers and co-workers.

It is through participation in these groups that a user finds confidence to raise a problem or concern which until then has remained hidden. The role of Asha’s support worker is crucial as she is in a position to quickly identify those with special needs and way to ameliorate. Our staff are in place to integrate and support.

Football Club – Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm at North Staffordshire YMCA

Sport is something that brings people together and creates opportunities for people to gain and build vital life skills; teamwork, communication, determination and much more. It also has a positive influence on physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Asha now hosts 4 football teams across a wide age range, bringing together asylum seekers and refugees from a breadth of countries. We have also hosted a number of community integration events using football to bring people together.

For more information about our football teams, or if you would like to join one, please contact us.