Every child deserves a toy for Christmas 12 November 2019

Asha’s children may even have two toys this Christmas and we think they
deserve them.  This is thanks to the Longton Tesco/Stoke City FC Christmas
Toy Appeal and Keele students who are also collecting for Asha.   

Angela attended the Tesco/Stoke FC launch conducted by Cllr Jackie Barnes,
Lord Mayor of Stoke-on Trent and the other appeal recipient, Victoria
Brickley from St Augustine’s Primary School.
Asha is indebted to Tesco Community Champion, Liz Locker, who always keeps
Asha within her sights, and she was pleased to meet Wayne Harrison who is on
the Stoke City FC’s Supporters Council. As a result, Wayne and a colleague,
Ben, will be visiting Asha shortly.

Alsager Justice and Peace

9 November 2019

Eight members of Alsager Justice and Peace visited the Women and Children groups on their way to visit the City Centre Mosque.  The morning was just getting underway when they arrived and after preliminary introductions the group spread out to talk to some of our volunteers and Mums.  This was followed by a more formal session of question and answers on the services offered to asylum seekers and the parlous situation in which so many find themselves.

Patrick reported that the group enjoyed the visit and were ‘impressed by all you do.’   In turn Asha says ‘thank you’ for the food and for the cleaned laptop and computer the group donated.

Community Learning Day – The World of Work

4 November 2019

Led by Matt Pointon, Project Officer for the TUC You Learn and Shaun Pender (Unite), 35 Asha users gathered to get pointers about the world of work which included role playing interviews.  The only hiccup was that Asha had thought that Matt had arranged for food to be brought in and Matt expected Asha to cook!  This led to a mad dash to Tesco and the chippy and after a short delay the students and everyone else who was in the centre, settled down to sandwiches, chicken and chips.

‘Binful of Asha as refugees help keep town centre tidy’

30 October 2019

This was the heading of a half page spread in the Leek Post and Times! Cars and an eight-seater taxi delivered Asha staff and users to Trinity Church in Leek to litter pick around the Wednesday market and nearby streets.  This was no ordinary litter pick!  Greeted by the Town Mayor, Cllr Sue Colman, the group received a splendid send-off by the Town Crier resplendent in his uniform and chain of office.  The area was remarkably litter free but nevertheless the litter pickers accompanied by some local people, returned with over 10 full bags. Following refreshments in the church everyone returned to Asha with a sense of a job well done. 

Thank you, Maureen, for all the work you put in to inaugurate Asha’s first Social Inclusion Litter-Pick and thank you Tamba and Misbah for organising the litter picking sticks and for making sure that the practical arrangements went smoothly.  The only important learning lesson was to make sure that at the next litter pick – there will be more – that we know beforehand who will dispose of the rubbish!

Rubbish disposal and hand washing

18 October 2019

Tamba Musa was the inspiration behind this workshop which was attended by 27 asylum seekers from different background and ethnicities who came together to learn about the importance of rubbish collection and recycling.

Godfrey Seminega was introduced by Tamba and he led an inter-active session on what to put in the different types of domestic and public rubbish bins.

The   second topic, hand washing was introduced by Tamba and Godfrey outlined the importance of hand washing and the consequences of not washing your hands frequently and effectively. He elaborated on when to hand wash and how to hand wash.

Participants asked lots of questions and the entire program was judged to be very useful and interesting and participants asked for a continuation of such educative sessions.    

Thank you, Tamba for organising the workshop.

Get down to the beat

5 October 2019

‘Get down to the beat’ was the title given by the Alsager Chronicle to a picture of Asha’s African drummers on the front page of the Alsager Chronicle’s report on the Alsager One World Festival.  With Pauline dancing ‘to the beat’ others joined in including some of Asha Mums and children who had been bussed in to enjoy the activities. Eva sold a number of the aprons sewn by the Saturday craft group and although fund-raising was not an objective a handy sum found its way into a strategically placed collecting tin!

Thank you, Diane for inviting Asha to take part in the festival.

The Asha Drummers share their music at Alsager’s One World Fair

The Asha Drummers performed to a very appreciative crowd at the Alsager One World Fair on Saturday 5th October.  The drummers come from a number of African nations;  Godefroid  from Rwanda, Keita  from Guinea,  Guigui from Ivory Coast, Tamba from Sierre Leone and Bertrand from Cameroon.

The group, lead by Keita, mainly performed West African drumming and they were supported superbly by Pauline who lead the dancing.  She was amazing! Her energy and enthusiasm encouraged many people in the audience to join her and for fifteen minutes the atmosphere in the hall was electric as people responded enthusiastically and danced to the fantastic sound of the drums.

The drummers were joined by a group of parents and children who came from Asha to support the event  and who really enjoyed being part of such a happy  occasion.

The performance was a great success and Kathryn, one of the organisers, said, ‘The drummers were really fabulous and were the highlight of the morning!’

NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Nurses visit Asha 21 September 2019

Angie Powers writes:

Gloria and I received a warm welcome from Godefroid and the Volunteers when we arrived at Asha. There was a large group of women that were interested in the screening programme and so we did 3 presentations. The women engaged with us and genuinely seemed interested in the programme. There was lots of information and leaflets available for the women to take away, some of the information was in different languages to support the diverse language barriers and population. Although, there was not many women within the screening age that we spoke to, we reiterated how important it was to look after yourself and be self-aware of the signs and symptoms. Godefroid has asked us to go back at another time and talk to the Men’s Football Group. We are happy to return at some point in the future and I can drop off some more leaflets when I am next in the area.

South West Peak

Click on the link to see what we did! A huge thank you to Rachel Finn for volunteering to produce and provide this video