Asha has offered English language classes to asylum seekers since 2011, thanks to our partnership with Keele University’s Language Centre.

Classes taught by Keele students have been popular but with an ever-increasing number of asylum seekers arriving with little or no English, the task of teaching them has now been assigned to a strong group of teaching volunteers.

In 2018, funding was secured for a project to equip these volunteers with the knowledge and resources needed to teach beginner-level English, under the guidance of Dr Barbara James and Russell Clark from Keele.

Plans for the programme’s expansion include reaching out to more women and encouraging more asylum seekers to act as teaching volunteers for their own nationalities and language or dialect groups.

We’re always looking for more volunteers to teach English. If you think you could help, please click here to contact us.

It’s important that asylum seekers have the opportunity to take part in activities to lessen their social isolation, and Asha’s clubs play an important role in achieving this aim.

It is often through their participation in these clubs that a user finds the confidence to raise a problem or concern which has until then remained hidden.

We run Saturday clubs aimed at both women and children at our headquarters in Hanley. These are facilitated by local volunteers, with the help of some of Asha’s more experienced users.

Both the women’s and children’s clubs run on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm at our Hanley HQ.

Our football club, meanwhile, helps bring people together through sport and helps participants build vital life skills, such as teamwork and communication.

We currently run four separate teams across a wide age range, bringing together asylum seekers and refugees from a wide variety of countries.

The football club also runs on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, but is hosted at North Staffordshire YMCA.

Our clubs are very popular and we are always on the look-out for more volunteers to help run them. If you think you can help, please click here to contact us.

Christmas can be an especially bleak time for families living in exile from their homes, families, communities and countries.

That’s why in 2010 we decided to begin organising a Christmas party for the children of refugees and asylum seekers.

More than 100 children attend this party every year.

During the summer, Asha fills two coaches for a trip to the popular Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno.

Some of our children may be familiar with the River Nile but they’ve never seen the sea, or played and paddled on the beach. This outing creates a special day for them to remember.

If would like to financially support either the Christmas party or the summer outing, please visit our donations page.



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