ASHA's Volunteers

ASHA relies on local volunteers and on asylum seekers as support workers.

Asylum seekers help

  • In the office, in the kitchen
  • Preparing lunch for the weekly Hub meeting
  • Sorting out clothing and food
  • Maintaining the computers
  • Preparing monthly statistics
  • Tutoring anyone who needs help with email and the internet
  • Assisting in the Women and Children Saturday clubs, and
  • Organising football in the park on Saturdays.

All volunteers receive training in safe-guarding, food hygiene, first aid and customer care.

Local volunteers help by

  • Staffing the Centre
  • Mentoring asylum seekers through conversational English
  • Donating food and clothing
  • Raising money to support activities and trips
  • Telling individuals and groups how they can help

ASHA needs more volunteers to fulfil routine tasks and others with skills we are short of. Contact Us for more information about volunteering.