ASHA sets store by visiting refugees and asylum seekers in their home whether it is a room in a shared house or a flat. Recent research mapped the service provision for asylum seekers in Stoke. It revealed significant  evidence that house visits to asylum-seekers and  especially those most vulnerable and isolated,  are an effective way to identify issues and areas where more support is needed as well as delivering targeted care and guidance and that ‘the material and emotional support that these visits offer is invaluable and in many cases vital for some’.

With increasing demand for ASHA’s services the number of home visits fell away but remained a priority. Now with funding for a p/t post for an Outreach Worker, home visiting has resumed. The worker, accompanied by an asylum volunteer, is visiting asylum seekers in their accommodation and in addition to gaining a better insight into their needs, she is identifying those who would like to volunteer and if they are ready to do so, find suitable placements for them.