Financial Help

Now that ASHA’s Support Worker, Lydia Mugoyikaze, is a qualified British Red Cross Support Worker she can bring her expertise to bear by advocating with the DWP on behalf of an asylum seeker who now has refugee status.

In the meantime ASHA gives whatever help it can.



Social Integration Fund

Many of ASHA’s users live in outlying neighbourhoods and have no money for bus fares. Many women are mothers with babies or toddlers. ASHA raises money for mothers and their children to attend the women and children’s clubs. This lessens their social isolation and paves the way for a user to engage with activities and community events on their doorstep.


Emergency Fund

ASHA has an emergency fund for special payments like, for example, providing a train ticket for a destitute asylum seeker to travel to Liverpool or Birmingham to lodge a fresh claim or assist a mother to purchase nappies for her new baby while waiting for a payment from the Home Office.

It is ASHA’s donors who sustain the above funds. Without them ASHA would not be able to help asylum seekers to access the centre or to have somewhere to turn in a crisis or an emergency.