Asha’s Christmas Appeal


Asha started organising a Christmas Party for the children of refugees and asylum seekers in 2010.

Following the first party, one young boy excitedly explained that now he would now have something to talk about when his school teacher asked “And what did you do at Christmas?”

It is an especially bleak time for families in exile from their home, their families, their community and their country. One parent mentioned that her children were asking for a Christmas tree, she had looked for one but the price was way outside her budget. There was a depth of sadness in her which for a moment she could not disguise.

Over 100 children attend the Asha Christmas party each year and we are deeply grateful to all those who year on year contribute towards the cost. Individually we may feel helpless, but collectively we can and do make a difference.


If you would like to help make a donation to the ASHA Christmas Party, please visit our ‘Donate‘ page or ‘Contact Us‘ directly.